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The stressful and oft-fumbled “Elevator Pitch” moment of having to explain your business philosophy to a prospective client does a disservice to every hour you’ve ever worked.

If the delivery is clunky the opportunity is lost because your next prospect has failed to realize the scope of your vision, the range of your industry expertise, and the depth of the passion that has kept you in business.

Instead, let WorkForce Videos and Video Business Cards dynamically communicate your value statement in an unobtrusive and enticing format. You can rely on our production team to draft a customized script that will illustrate your business goals while we make your staff look and sound like pros on-set. Ultimately, we’ll work with you throughout post-production to finalize an electronic business card that includes green screen and kinetic typography add-ons.

By condensing each of your employees’ unique approach to their work and combining it with a streamlined version of your corporate philosophy, we produce aesthetically appealing Video Business Cards, optimized for the web and easily embedded into website, email or social media marketing campaigns.

What to Expect

Though shooting only takes a single day, our production team will work with you beforehand to draft and copy edit a script for your staff to voice. Uniformed videographers will conveniently come to your office with all cameras, lighting and green screen gear necessary. During the shoot our videographers will happily coach camera-shy folks into looking and sounding their best, and will also collate all contact info and video release signatures while on-site so no additional follow-up is required.

Following the shoot, our post-production department will edit a template video that adheres to your branding guidelines and create personalized video slates for each participant. Following approval, we will have the rest of your team’s Video Business Cards finalized within 2-3 weeks. Video Business Cards are available in most major U.S. metro markets.


  • $1,000 Setup
  • $300/Person (min. of 6)
  • Available in most major U.S. metro markets
  • Includes:
    • Script draft, copy edit Prior to Shoot (Bi-lingual option)
    • Uniformed videographer(s) Visit Your Office, Single Day Shoot
    • Special attention paid to Camera-Shy Coaching, Dynamic Lighting and Crisp Audio
    • Brand guideline-compliant template
    • Personalized video slates
    • You own all intellectual property rights once we deliver!
    • Ask us about Bi-lingual projects and pricing
    • FAA Remote Pilot certified 4K aerial videographers

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