HR Recruiting Videos

We know that you are the best company out there to work for (you know it too), but your potential employees DO NOT! To bridge the gap, our HR Recruiting Videos educate candidates utilizing honest, firsthand accounts of your culture captured in a single streamlined video shoot.

Easily packaged with other WorkForce Videos, the HR Recruiting Videos are a candid opportunity for current employees to express what they enjoy most about your company. To achieve more value than a written testimonial, our videographers will coach your staff while on-location to bring out the positive, ground-floor insights that many workers struggle to articulate.

Who better to sing the praises of your business to the next wave of candidates than your current All-Star squad? Our videographers are trained to coach and capture compelling audio bytes, later edited into a visually dynamic and web-optimized video clip perfect for LinkedIn and other social media, personal portfolios, or online job boards.

What to Expect

Though shooting takes only a single day, we collaborate with you beforehand to determine which of your staff to feature and what aspects of your business you’d like to have included in the interview. Uniformed videographers will conveniently come to your office with all cameras, lighting and green screen gear necessary. During the shoot our videographers will happily coach camera-shy folks into looking and sounding their best, and will also collate all contact info and video release signatures while on-site so no additional follow-up is required.

Following the shoot, our post-production department will edit a template video that adheres to your branding guidelines and create personalized video slates for each participant. Following approval, we will have the rest of your team’s HR Recruiting Videos finalized within 2-3 weeks. HR Recruiting Videos are available in most major U.S. metro markets.

We strongly recommend bundling the HR Recruiting Videos and Video Business Cards into a single day’s shoot – doing so will save you money and sets us up to engage your top performers.

Use HR Recruiting Videos to recruit for the entire company, a single department or team, or both! If you’d like separate HR Recruiting Videos for the whole company as well as a specific department, we can easily accommodate.


  • $3,500 each
  • Available in most major U.S. metro markets
  • Includes:
    • Pre-shoot consultation
    • Uniformed videographer(s) Visit Your Office
    • Single Day Shoot (Bi-lingual option)
    • Special attention paid to Camera-Shy Coaching, Dynamic Lighting and Crisp Audio
    • Brand guideline-compliant template
    • 2-3 week Deliverables timeline
    • You own all intellectual property rights once we deliver!
    • Ask us about Bi-lingual projects and pricing
    • FAA Remote Pilot certified 4K aerial videographers

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